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Our team has been privileged to have partnered with and worked alongside the very best of Ayahuasca centers and healers across Peru. At our center, the 1 on 1 white glove service begins before you arrive with your personal consultation over the phone with our admissions coordinator.

Your safety is paramount at Ayahuasca Spirit Healing Center. We understand that coming to the jungle takes a lot research, contemplation, desire and most of all courage. Therefore, we want to ensure all of our pasajeros that their safety both in and out of ceremony will be our top concern so that it need not be yours.

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We believe that the over 50 years of cumulative experience, a deep understanding of the sacred medicine of Ayahuasca, a pre and post-integration approach unlike any other currently being offered and a deep sense of empathy, makes us the center that is a fit for those who are serious about creating long lasting and permanent change in their lives and in turn the lives of all of those around them.

Wiler Noriega Rodriguez and his team, invite you to explore this website, get curious, do your research and above all ASK QUESTIONS — as many as you can think of so that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that our center is the right partner for you in what promises to be the transformation of a lifetime. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person on the next step of your transformation journey.

You can read more information about Wiler, together with a brief interview with our beloved shaman. Pick your ayahuasca retreat length and provide your details on the next screen. View Our Ayahuasca Retreats. Email Us. Contact us directly if you are interested. One of the essential figures of the Amazonian cultures of Peru is its shamans: men and women who live in and for their community. The shamans are wise people who are in touch with the link between them, the spirits and nature. It is to these shamans that the native communities owe, to a great extent, their survival.

Being a shaman is not a role that is chosen by the individual: for Peruvians, it is God who grants the gift of healing to the right people——-a special capacity that manifests itself through the spirit of the plants. The role of the shaman is essential for their community. They are the ones who protect and guide the people who live in their villages. They are beings with a higher level of consciousness that, from their own experience, have learned to connect with the spirits of nature.

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It is this connection, which is usually transmitted from generation to generation, that allows the shamans to heal and access the deepest part of the people who come to them to free themselves from their ailments. The shaman becomes the guide of his people through his own experience. To do this, one must be willing to commit and demonstrate their resistance.

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  • Shamans of Peru: Healing diseases with the power of the Earth.
  • She is also author of several scientific publications in this field. Her work, which is focused on drug control policies and the indigenous use of sacred plants, led her to study traditional medicine and shamanism with indigenous communities in Mexico for two years.

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    He is currently working on a book about dietary cannabinoids. Manari is a ceremonial leader and healer from the Sapara people who live in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. As a healer, Manari has a special relationship with medicinal plants and cures ailments of the modern world. He is skilled at dream work of dreams and distinct spiritual connections to care for and heal people. Naku is a sanctuary and provides ecotourism and healing retreats with traditional plant medicine and alternative medicine and other Amazonian healing traditions based on ancestral knowledge.

    Manari has participated in numerous global events focused on healing and personal transformation. Manari is an outspoken advocate and movement leader in defending rights of indigenous peoples and their territories and a frequent speaker at global summits on biodiversity and climate, as well as on political and civil rights. As an advocate of indigenous rights, Manari led the Sapara people, to become recognized by UNESCO to be protected as an oral and cultural heritage of humanity.

    Manari has been a key player along with his sister Gloria Ushigua in stopping the expansion of the oil frontier in their territory. He has published a series of articles that reflect on extractive threats in its territory and how its people have resisted for more than 25 years in the defense of life and knowledge.

    In December Manari will launch his latest book on simbology, culture and dreams of the Sapara, a compilation covering the story of creation of the universal life of the contemporary Sapara people. Gloria has a passion for art, healing and healthy living.

    As a seeker and student of life, Gloria connects to the beauty and intelligence of nature to connect to the sacredness in all. Deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, Lorna Liana discovered her purpose drinking ayahuasca with indigenous shamans, in She was given a mission:. In pursuit of this mission, Lorna became a new media strategist to sustainable brands, social ventures and visionary entrepreneurs, helping them attract their tribe and ignite a movement around their mission-driven businesses. In addition to leveraging viral Internet marketing mojo to raise awareness about the benefits of using psychedelic plants, when used with respect and responsibility, Lorna also brings to the ayahuasca movement over 10 years of social justice experience working on indigenous rights, cultural preservation, environmental sustainability and social innovation.

    Tabea is a leader who was born in the Ashaninka community in Chicosa, in the province of Atalaya department of Ucayali, Peru. She completed her primary and secondary studies in Chicosa, which provided hand the reality and problems of the indigenous people of the region.

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    From a very young age, Tabea Casique stood out in her community for her participation in diverse community assemblies. Her desire to serve led her to leave her community at the end of secondary school and to study technical nursing at the Public Technological Institute of the Province of Atalaya. At the same time, she worked for the secretary of the Regional Indigenous Organization of Atalaya OIRA , where she learned about the problems experienced by indigenous communities.

    Tabea was involved in the officialization of the Asheninka language, due to the fact that the Ministry of Culture considered her an official interpreter of Asheninka. Adrian Freedman is a professional musician from the UK. He spent 8 years in Kyoto, Japan studying the shakuhachi — Japanese zen flute. He leads retreats in sacred music, meditation and spiritual practice around the world. In he was acquitted of all charges following a 2-year court case against the UK Santo Daime brought by the British authorities.

    He joined the Federal University of Acre in Cruzeiro do Sul in and created the Forest Spirit Project to research multimedia translation processes for these songs. This indigenous youth organisation holds regular events and workshops to transmit and strengthen knowledge of Huni Kuin culture among urabn Huni Kuin youth, building and strengthening bridges between communities in the forest and the city. Trained in the United Kingdom PhD in Anthropology from the Univeristy of Cambridge, BSc in Philosophy of Science from University College London Emilia has been examining the fraught relationship between Western science and indigenous and traditional knowledges through a range of projects on sexual and reproductive health, nutrition and food justice and the political demarcations between drug and medicine.

    She is currently Principal Investigator of a 5-year, European Research Council-funded project called Healing Encounters that examines the transmissions and reinventions of healing practices that make use of ayahuasca. He works independently in the documentary and institutional field. His personal works range from short fiction, to anthropological audiovisual documents and experimental works.

    He is specialized in the development of audiovisual, technological educational and anthropological projects. Kalista Zackhariyas is a social entrepreneur, storyteller and impact leader. She is the founder of Sparkseeker, a global platform that reinvents how people share their life journey, ideas, stories and foster meaningful connections that elevate and empower the human experience.

    Her inner seeker was awakened by her experiences of abuse, homelessness and poverty; consistent realities of her teenage years. Kalista is driven to unleash this human potential and ignite the collective power of people to co-create solutions for vulnerable communities lacking social and economic freedom, which she believes will transform the world as a whole.

    Her rare blend of wit, personality and creative advocacy will have you digging deeper, laughing harder and leaving inspired to create the shifts needed to spark your own transformation. He was also a member of the Portuguese Committee which, in , prepared the report upon which the first Portuguese Drug Strategy was based. Kasia Malinowska is the director of the Global Drug Policy Program at the Open Society Foundations, which promotes drug policies rooted in human rights, social justice, and public health.

    Malinowska publishes regularly on drug policy as it relates to women, social justice, health, human rights, civil society, and governance.

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    He spent one year in the Peruvian Amazon, learning from Shipibo and Mestizo shamans and starred in the feature length documentary film The Last Shaman His advocacy began while teaching politics and public affairs at Princeton University He then founded first The Lindesmith Center , a drug policy institute created with the philanthropic support of George Soros and then the Drug Policy Alliance DPA , which he directed from until Ethan has played a key role as drug policy advisor to prominent philanthropists and political figures around the world, and been deeply involved in most major drug policy reforms in the United States.

    He is widely considered to be one of the most talented and well respected shamans of the Upper Peruvian Amazon, having been studying and teaching shamanism and plant medicine for over forty years. Originally from the Pucallpa region of Peru, he is now based solely in the jungle area outside of Iquitos — the major city of the Peruvian Amazon. Since founding Nihue Rao in , he has presided over ayahuasca ceremonies and has hosted nearly people at his center from 6 continents and 70 countries.

    Having trained with the renowned visionary artist Pablo Amaringo, Mauro has developed a distinctive style that has become known internationally. He has had shows through out Europe and North America. Mauro draws inspiration for the vibrant and rich detailed cosmovision he portrays in his paintings from his own personal spiritual journey working with Amazonian plant medicines and from interviews with shamans that he has had over many years.