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I would love to win this group of books! I am a huge fan of many of these authors, and I look forward to reading the novels of those that I am not familiar with yet.

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Regardless, of whether I win or not, I will definitely find and read the novels in this set that I have not yet read. One of the events of WWII that stood out to me the most is the lack of effort so many Christians in Germany and other European countries put into saving, hiding, or rescuing Jews once they realized what the Nazis were doing. The killing of so many innocent people stands out to me. It just makes my heart ache as I read all the posts on the blog tour pages..

Thank you for retelling this in your stories…. I was stunned. Thinking that people actually had to hide out was stunning and always heavy in my heart when it comes to the war. I think that book introduced many of us to the war and the Holocaust. When we were in Germany a couple summers ago, we went to the concentration camp Anne and her sister died at.

So sobering to experience that. Thank God he listened to that prompting! My dad tells stories like that from his time in Vietnam. Dobson on facebook but her author page is Melanie-Dobson. Not sure that matters but I wanted to make a note of what I liked. Thank you for the giveaway. Thanks, Kelly! Thanks for participating in the tour.

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This sounds like an amazing giveaway! Thank you for offering it to everyone. I wish that my grandfather and my great aunt were still alive. They lived through it and I would love to be able to chat with them about their experiences. Such a missed opportunity. Definitely not a famous event, but my American grandfather met my Northern Irish grandmother in Northern Ireland during the war and they married there in Northern Ireland.

What WWII event stands out in my mind? I would have to say the holocaust. Thanks for an fun giveaway! Such a heart-breaking event. D-Day and the Battle on the Bulge stand out to me because my Dad was involves in both these events and he survived.

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Came home, married his girlfriend, my Mom , had two kids, and lived to be 87 years old. The event that stands out in mind at the moment is this. My Daddy was a Merchant seaman during the war, taking supplied to the different ports. He was telling me about one ship that was loaded with bombs. The largest ones were stacked on the bottom, then the next size on top of that and so on until the hold was completely packed. Thank you for this blog tour. They are always so much fun.

I was thirteen when I read her diary and realized, with horror, how the Jewish people were treated and what was done to them. Her story has stayed with me through the years. Thank you for this awesome giveaway and a chance to win 8 wonderful books. Pearl Harbor is what sticks out in my mind the most for my History classes in school. I just started reading some WWII books so winning would be a great start for me.

Again thank you! Rescue plans, escape techniques,location of all the pilots and passengers, etc. The technology was so inadequate. Those men were very courageous, brave heros. I am learning a lot about WWII from reading these novels. I have read Saving Amelie and am waiting for my daughter to get her copy of The Butterfly and the Violin, so we can read it together. The main aspect of WWII that stands out to me is the concentration camps.

It is something I just cannot comprehend.

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My grandfather had some small black and white pics, as he served in the U. Aside from the Holocaust it would be Pearl Harbor. Having visited Pearl Harbor about 24 years ago and seeing the oil from the ships still coming to surface. It was surreal.

There are many things that stand out to me from my reading: the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the blitzes in London, and especially the Holocaust. I am not sure that there is one event that stands out in my mind. Offering inspiration and encouragement to readers through story and spiritual insight, Bethany House titles frequently appear on Christian bestseller lists. Read more. Revell began over years ago when D. Moody and his brother-in-law Fleming H. Revell saw the need for practical books that would help bring the Christian faith to everyday life.

From there, Fleming H.

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Revell Publishing developed consistently solid lists that included many notable Christian writers over the years. This same vision for books that are both inspirational and practical continues to motivate the Revell publishing group today. The moving song "I Found Love Cindy's Song " is about finding your other half, and isn't that just what weddings are all about? Newsong founder Eddie Carswell wrote "When God Made You" for his daughter's wedding, using letters between her and her fiance for inspiration.

I wonder what God was thinking when He created you I wonder if He knew everything I would need Because He made all my dreams come true, when God made you He must have been thinking about me.

Gospel runs in the blood of CeCe Winans; her father was a singer, and that genre was all the music allowed to be played in her home growing up. She knows a thing or two about singing it, too. Steven Curtis Chapman shares a promise to always be there in this song. He said it wasn't hard to write and went quickly; he just kept thinking of scenarios where he'd be there for his wife.

From " I Will Be Here ":. And just as sure as seasons are made for change Our lifetimes are made for years So I I will be here We'll be together I will be here. Share Flipboard Email. Kim Jones is an ordained pastor and a co-founder of Road to Revelation, a Christian rock band. Updated September 30, From the song "The Day Before You".