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The Good Queen. Patrick White. De la linotipia al ordenador. Sue, A Little Heroine. Jamaica 7. She now has toothache which cannot be ignored!

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Kylo Ren knows what he wants and he intends to take it. Kylo Ren wants her.

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Reylo Star Wars - Rated: Rey has kept a secret about Kayla's father from everyone, including the Matchmaking part 2 super junior fanfiction Order. For Kylo Ren, peace is a lie. After a long absence, he returns for revenge and to claim what is rightfully his. Reylo smut and a new pairing! She wants answers; He has them. In order to find what she seeks, she must step into the shadows. Sinning on Sunday by rAiNwAtEr reviews Sasuke was well aware that he was surrounded by his fellow classmates while they listened to morning Mass.

He was also aware of his growing arousal as he stared at the blond a few pews ahead of him. Rey is forced to become the rebellions new hope as the fight between the dark side and the light grows more chaotic than ever before. Chasing Eden by Lilbakasaru reviews Sequel to 'Being A Yakuza's Bride Its been a year but problems start to arise Naruto want independence something that Sasuke cant give and with a hotheaded cop tracking all of Sasuke's moves things wont be easy for them.

Will their love survive? In the twisted Dark world of the Sith, power is everything, and sacrifices must be made. In the end, it will all be worth it.

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This is the first of my Dark AU stories of the Sith and the women they love. Kylo Ren is on the verge of striking the biggest deal in his career with Snoke Industries.

Worlds collide when he gets lost in London and meets a pretty prostitute called Rey. Modern day AU, there are no Jedi and no force here.

This fic has been tweaked and edited slightly post-The Last Jedi. Though he treasures having her with him, he would do anything to change how this had happened, how she had come to be his. His; silent, still, beautiful, perfect Rey. Beautiful Hell by C.

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Nichole reviews Rey is haunted by Force visions that tempt her with the passion and glory that the dark side holds. As her training with Luke progresses, so does the ferocity of her visions, revealing a dangerous and obsessive bond with her enemy. Kylo Ren both tempts and repels Rey, but as she comes to see the man behind the mask, will she be able to keep her heart in the light?

Both ends burning by KyloZen reviews Rey discovers that the force is pulling her towards her arch enemy, Kylo Ren, and not in an innocent way. Unwanted lust and forbidden feelings emerge as their heated encounters starts to affect the fates of everyone around them. Be ready for recurring graphic sexual content and a certain amount of violence. Abducted by Hobbit Babe reviews The nuns warned her not to go too deep into the forest.

Yet happiness can't last for long. SasuNaru Mpreg Naruto - Rated: Radiation Exposure by Izupie reviews Radiation Exposure was a slow and irreversible process, and Rey begins to understand that human emotions can matchmaking part 2 super junior fanfiction exactly the same; her earnest desire to survive affects Kylo Ren more than he realises. But Rey can't afford to be distracted - she still has to figure out a way to escape from Starkiller City. Release by Clockwork-and-Cameos reviews Kylo Ren visits Rey each night as she sleeps, demanding that she come to him and matchmaking part 2 super junior fanfiction his apprentice.

Each night Rey refuses his demands but finds it more difficult each time as she finds herself developing feelings for him. Angered by her continued matchmaking part 2 super junior fanfiction, Kylo promises to find her and when he does, she will face consequences. Two part shameless Reylo smut. What will this pursuing bring upon him?

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Content is mature and sexually explicit in nature. This work will feature noncon relations. He's been hunting his elusive angel for months and now he has her cornered on Hoth. Compromise is not an option. Escape is not an option. Rejection is not an option. Is this the end? Bitter by glyphsbowtie reviews Kylo Ren's misson is to capture Rey, regardless of the cost. A single stolen kiss reignites something dead within him.

The Jedi Knight by aipons reviews Multi-millionaire playboy and philanthropist, Kylo Ren at the age of 33 is one of the most successful matchmaking part 2 super junior fanfiction man in the city of Alderaan. Ren Enterprises is at matchmaking part 2 super junior fanfiction height of its peak. He feels her elation as she finds the right point on the circuit, watches the droid whir to life, bleeping its gratitude.

She has a whole little family of them now.