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For many men wet dream act badly, so it is better that he gets ruined orgasm just before wet dream happen. Teasing can accelerate wet dream, so last; a quarter of the time should not be tease man. Great article, one of many I found when initally researching orgasm denial.

I first asked my boyfriend his thoughts, and he told me that ultimately he would want me to decide, but he thought a few days at a time was probably about right. I had no reason to disagree with this before I did my own research! Indeed, even without this idea, a lot of sites were suggesting denial periods in durations of weeks, not days. So following the advice here, I managed to get him to give me a proper offer the first time I locked him up for real, and he said he thought he could go a week, but I also still got him to agree that ultimately it was my choice.

I think it was the longest 2 weeks of his life, but more importantly, he did enjoy it, but so did I, immensely.

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My recommendation for any ladies out there locking their men up for the first time is no matter what even if he is a self confessed serial masturbator , make the first time 1 week as an absolute minimum, and like the article suggests, whatever you decide, stick to it. Wow although that sounds tough from my perspective as someone who does come pretty much every day I think your partner is very lucky to have you. I hope you both enjoy the experience.

I think women who take control of their partners orgasms are incredibly exciting and sexy!

Male Orgasm Denial – How Often is Up to Her! – Male Chastity – Exploring The Lifestyle

But sadly, with produce grown in higdhpestici-al and low nutrient dense soils, some of which has been genetically modified, makes it very hard. Orgasm denial is brand new to me, and I am trying to soak up as much information about it as I can. My boyfriend introduced this to me and it is something that we have agreed on. I appreciate your comment because it was helpful and encouraging as I learn how to take complete control of his orgasms and our relationship. This is something that he really wants and I do as well. I am taking all this in in order to organize a chastity plan for us.

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Watch a concentrate and obey pov video after being freed from chastity. POV stroke control exercises like red light, yellow light, green light and even cum countdowns from 15 to zero. You have to squat any time you piss just like a girlie now do it for a week etc. Keep a log of how many ejaculations per week prior to chastity to then shoot for a new reduced number of EPW Ejaculations Per Week. Free cock day u cum times anytime and u clean it up too!

Squat to pee for several weeks. I own u now and this should remind you of who u are becoming3. I am on my 4th year of something I once thought was stupid. Now my wife and I could not imagine our sex life without my chastity device and orgasm denial. We started off slow but now I do not even get very horny until at least a month as past.

I am regularly denied months a year and have gotten used to it. In fact, I often do not want to orgasm but my wife gets carried away or feels guilty about denying me longer due to my reaction to her edging. I have tried to take a break from chastity play but in a week or two, I miss it. I miss the constant feeling of sexual arousal. It is like a force that energizes my body. Without it, I feel depressed, irritable and bored. I guess that I like stupid. I would agree with your statement abut missing the constant feeling of sexual arousal. And I get the same feeling post orgasm as well. Especially depression with situations also not even related to sex ot relationships.

Thank you for an awesome article. I feel more affectionate towards my wife and even helped with chores today. Thanks again for a well written article. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Home Contact Privacy Policy. Chastity For Men denial , orgasm May 20, at pm. August 5, at am. Chamaco Mia. August 24, at pm. November 9, at am. October 10, at am. January 21, at pm. January 26, at pm. October 7, at am. January 18, at am. February 12, at am. May 13, at am. Goddess Catherine seems to knowexactly how to train a chastity slave.

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I tell people that I am. Ot at odds with my wife where she is trying to deny me and I am trying to pick the lock to escape. We both want to prevent my orgasms until she is ready. I do not call her Mistress but will do some extra nice things for her during our chastity play.

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Like you there are no threats or rewards. It simply happens when it happens. Thanks for giving my thoughts a cohesive voice. My mistress and I do not have a contract either. She has determined that I will only be relatively sure of being allowed to ejaculate inside her just four times per year.

She may allow me to be inside her for her pleasure more often but those times I am not allowed to ejaculate inside her.