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And more importantly, we are starting to trust them… without ever even talking to a sales person. The power of testimonials lies in their objectivity. You can make testimonials even more powerful by putting a face to the words. Various studies have proven that our brains are far more engaged by storytelling than just hearing cold, straightforward facts. When reading or hearing straight data, we only use the language-processing parts of our brains to decode the meaning.

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Here is another good example by Florida Architects:. What did you do first? Check the rating score and reviews, right? Good reviews will also help you rank higher on Google , so this means a double win: attracting more leads by ranking higher on Google and experiencing a higher conversion from leads to customers thanks to the trust established by the reviews.

Dedicate a whole page on your website purely to your portfolio , with a description of the projects and lots of great photos. Every time you end a project and you are happy about the result, make sure to make a professional-quality picture and upload it to your portfolio page. Your prospective customers will be just as impressed with your work as you are, if not more so.

In the What We Do section of their website, you can find all their images—which are decent sized thumbnails to allow visitors to see all the details. After all, you deliver quality. And do not forget to ignite the social proof marketing flame by sharing your photos on social media with captivating descriptions.

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As we know now, our brain processes and retains visual information much faster and much longer than plain text. So take advantage of the visual nature of the internet and share your finished projects on the main social media platforms that matter: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube. As a result his friends will see it… and the social proof principle will do the marketing for you.

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Remember, these 6 social proof marketing strategies form a loop. They are interconnected and have an increasing effect on each other. Deliver awesome work so people refer you and start to follow you everywhere. Build credibility by displaying designations, testimonials and reviews. Add regular posts on media platforms, and make sure to add quality photos to your portfolio. Leave this field empty. This blog helps architects to make more money, spend less time on business administration, secure better clients and work on more engaging projects.

Images Designed by Freepik. Powered by WordPress and Origin. Marketing your business in an online world should be easy, right? After all, how do people look for goods and services these days? They search online. All you should need is sharp-looking website and you should be on your way to pulling in more customers than you can shake a digital stick at. Here are several things to look for:.

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If not, we need to choose a more suitable keyword more specific, longer-tail or improve the page to score better for the above parameters. We choose keywords and content that distinguish your business from other organizations in the real estate world.

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In SEM search engine marketing, also known as pay-per-click or PPC campaigns, we can exclude clicks from unwanted website visitors with negative keywords. The more specific we can be, the more of the competition we eliminate.

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Not surprisingly, Buyers and Sellers are looking for different things. Buyers want houses, Sellers want agents. And they use different search terms to look for these.

So your website should have separate pages for buyers and sellers, with significantly different content and keywords. Well-designed Buyer-oriented pages include content and keywords specific to your listings, geographic focus, primary agency services and competitive differentiators. Seller-oriented pages contain content and keywords that emphasize your capabilities, accomplishments and services on behalf of sellers.

On-page SEO comprises an important element of real estate search engine optimization.

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Provide content featuring long-tail search terms We see a lot of real estate websites and social media sites with beautiful graphic design, dazzling flash animations, gorgeous photos and video tours — but very little content words. All else being equal, www. Title meta tag. Search engines presume the Title is what the page is about. Each page should be optimized for a single keyword phrase. Description meta tag.

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Same here, with the additional benefit that the web crawlers commonly use the Description tag for their summary blurb in the SERPs. And, if your Description tag includes the search terms, these will appear in bold — increasing the likelihood that the reader will click on the link to your site. Navigation menu labels. Search engines pay attention to anchor text of links to your site. Nav menu labels are a special case of anchor text — over which we have complete control.