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Scope J , Mar 11, Location: Connecticut. I'm partial to the BBC Sessions, which are fantastic.

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I also like the Noisette live CD. Location: Rhode Island. Recently started getting into these guys.

Really love Volume 2. Talk to me, I want more. GMDuss , Mar 11, Location: Angleterre. I have all the studio albums up to and including Softs I can recommend all of them.

Aghast of Ithaca , Mar 11, Location: Minneapolis, MN. Love them. First four are kind of my main bag, but the later stuff has merit too. Also don't forget to track down Matching Mole, Wyatt's awesome post-Soft band. Agreed about Noisette, too, that's a fantastic live album.

Snow Leopard Floating World Fabric: Floating Blossoms, sorbet (per 1/4 metre)

I almost typed "Machine Mole," which of course is how the name came to be -- "Machine Molle," i. Artist of a Floating World is a short book set in Japan by an author I like about memories, which is the kind of book I read these days. Bought on impulse, what a shock I really liked it. The book is set is , Japan just after the Second World War. My knowledge of mid-century Japan is fairly limited but Japan were on the wrong side of WW2, that is to say the losing side, and they surrendered after the US dropped two atomic bombs on the country.