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Some, because of spiritual hardness of heart, will even refuse to hear the gospel; others are mentally or physically incapable of responding, but it does mean that we should seek to make a prayerful, intelligent, aggressive presentation of the gospel to every living person and leave the results to God. It does not mean that the majority who hear the gospel will become Christians, but it does mean that they will at least have a chance to hear and believe. If the Great Commission is to be fulfilled in our generation, now is the time for action.

We must go to the whole world. However, Jesus Himself gave us a strategy to follow. Just before He ascended into heaven, He told the disciples:. The original meaning of this command suggests that we are to be involved in helping to reach each area at the same time, from Jerusalem to the ends of the world. I encourage you to begin sharing Christ as a way of life in your Jerusalem — your home, your neighbor hood, your campus or classroom, your office or factory. Seek ways to present Christ in your community, your state, your nation, which is your Judea, and to the rest of the world.

God wants you to help spread His good news to the entire world through your prayers, your financial investments and your personal involvement, or through all three. I want to obey Jesus by helping to fulfill the Great Commission, but what does God want me to do? How do I begin?

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This great task can be accomplished only as millions of Christians work together, pooling their resources to complete the task. Also, millions of Christians need to develop a personal strategy that ties in directly to the global strategy of our Lord.

The plan calls for mobilizing millions of Christians in thousands of churches of all denominations and hundreds of various missionary organizations to help saturate the world of six billion people with the gospel by the year This plan, which is supported by thousands of Christian leaders on every continent, has divided the world into population areas of one million people.

Presently, we are in the process of establishing five thousand New Life Training Centers. In cooperation with thousands of Christians of all denominations, it is our prayer target and goal to:. Tens of millions have already received Christ. More than two million people have registered salvation decisions; more than twenty thousand New Life follow-up nurture groups have been started in homes, and more than three thousand new churches have been planted.

Building people in the Christian faith includes getting them involved in the fellowship and instruction offered through the local church, home Bible studies and small groups. They also learn about His resurrection power available to us, enabling us to live a joyful, victorious, fruitful life.

The Great Commission

Christian growth is accelerated rapidly as individuals are taught how to share Christ with others and are encouraged to share their faith in Him regularly as a way of life. Sending people to the world is the inevitable result of a proper emphasis on winning and building. The individual who rightly understands the love and forgiveness of God and who has been properly taught how to communicate his faith in Christ will not be satisfied to be merely a worldly carnal , spiritually impotent, fruitless, mediocre Christian.

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  7. Any successful strategy to help evangelize the world must make prayer a high priority. To this end, millions of faithful prayer disciples are urgently needed for daily prayer. We are asking God to raise up millions of Christians to become a part of the Great Commission Prayer Crusade, prayer soldiers who will faithfully intercede daily for a mighty spiritual awakening throughout the entire world.

    The Rewards and Cost of the Great Commission

    One Christian with a personal strategy, focusing all his efforts, can magnify and multiply his fruitfulness beyond measure. A personal strategy is a deliberate plan of action by an individual to accomplish a specific goal. Since the goal of every sincere believer should be to help fulfill the Great Commission, his personal plan should include evangelizing and discipling, adding and multiplying.

    When you personally introduce another to Christ, that is spiritual addition.

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    But when you deliberately disciple the new Christian and help him to win, disciple and send others who will do the same to win and disciple others, generation after generation, that is spiritual multiplication! Let me illustrate.

    During a Campus Crusade for Christ banquet in Manila, the director of our Great Commission Training Center introduced a medical doctor whom he had introduced to Christ and discipled. The doctor stood and gave his testimony, then introduced one of the persons whom he had introduced to Christ and discipled. This man in turn gave his testimony and introduced one of the medical students whom he had introduced to Christ and discipled. This went on for ten generations of a ministry that had begun with one of our American staff who had poured his life into the discipling of men who in turn discipled others.

    Recently, I traveled to Thailand where I met many spiritual multipliers, one of them a man who is the spiritual father of twelve generations. He has led more than fifteen hundred people to Christ in the past four years. While I was there, he introduced me to one of his disciples, who introduced me to one of his disciples, and so it went on down a line of twelve men and women.

    The last disciple in the chain had been a Christian only six months and had already introduced twelve people to Christ and was in the process of discipling several of them. Rather, they win people and disciple them, training these new Christians to win and disciple others so they, in turn, will win and disciple still others. How would you like to introduce hundreds — even thousands — of men and women to our Lord Jesus Christ? You can. If you were to introduce just one person to the Lord Jesus every month for the next twenty years, you would have introduced souls to Christ.

    This is the principle of addition and very few Christians have such a fruitful witness. However, if you were to disciple each of those new believers so that they in turn would win and disciple others, generation after generation, many millions would be introduced to Christ in the same number of years. The apostle Paul was referring to spiritual multiplication in his second letter to Timothy.

    Beginning with only two persons and using this simple, continuous cycle of discipling, or spiritual multiplication, the entire world could be totally evangelized and saturated with the gospel in only thirty-two subsequent steps because two, multiplied by itself thirty-two times, equals the population of the world! As each of us develops a personal strategy, God can use us to play a vital role in helping to fulfill the Great Commission.

    » How You Can Help Fulfill the Great Commission

    Whatever your situation, you can trust a loving God when you surrender every life ambition to Him. But you may wonder how to develop a personal evangelism strategy. Let me make some simple, scriptural suggestions:. Let them be a living sacrifice, holy — the kind he can accept. When you think of what he has done for you, is this too much to ask? My wife and I were materialistic and selfishly ambitious before we became Christians. After we received Christ, we grew in the fellowship of the church, and the more we studied the Bible and the more we became aware of the love and grace of God, the more we loved Jesus, and the more we wanted to serve Him.

    One day, in the spring of , we knelt in our home in the Hollywood Hills of California and signed a contract with the Lord as a formal act of relinquishing the title deeds of our lives to Him. We each made a list of all the things that we had desired before we fell in love with Christ and really began to follow Him. We had very luxurious appetites!

    By Your enabling grace and power we are turning our backs upon the things that have encumbered us in order that we might serve You, the living God, more effectively and fruitfully. You have commanded us to seek first the kingdom of God and lay up our treasures in heaven. Now we want to seek You and Your way above everything else. We want our treasures to be used for your glory.

    Your Progress

    We want to serve You and do whatever You want us to do and go wherever You want us to go, whatever the cost. It was only a short time later that God gave me the vision to help reach the world for Christ to which I referred earlier. We literally live as God supplies our needs from day to day.

    But, oh, what adventure to live for Christ — to serve the King of kings and Lord of lords without the hindrances and encumbrances of possessions which possess us and rob us of our power with God and others! This may not be what God will call you to do. But whatever your situation, you can trust a loving God when you surrender every life ambition to Him.

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    No experience in life compares with seeking first the kingdom of God, laying up treasures in heaven, keeping Christ in control of your life, doing what He calls you to do, and being an instrument through whom He changes lives. This is real living life at its highest and best. We invite Him to be Lord over every area of our lives and claim by faith the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit in order that we may live holy lives and be more fruitful witnesses for our dear Lord.

    While on earth, Jesus discussed every major decision and turning point in His life with His heavenly Father. Pray in faith that God will guide you in developing your personal strategy to reach your immediate area of influence for Christ.